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What does beard oil do?

Beard oil helps to strengthen your beard by providing oil the hair and skin need to produce healthy hair.

What does beard balm do? 

Beard balm conditions and moisturizes your beard making it soft, tame and very easy to style. 

Can I use the oil and balm together?

Yes, you can, you will also find matching flavours to help combine the scent.

Why can't I use regular shampoo?

Many ingredients are in regular shampoos which can harm your skin and facial hair which can cause irritation, dryness and beard dandruff. The skin on the top of your head is different from the face, therefore, different products need to be used so you do not harm the skin.

My beard wash doesn't lather is that normal?

Completely normal for our product as we have aimed to keep our products as natural as possible, therefore we do not use sulfates and other chemical ingredients to produce a lather, fear not our beard wash is great and still cleans just like the rest.

I've noticed some beads in my balm is that normal?

Yes, that is completely normal, certain oils and waxes melt at different temperatures. When these products are mixed a separation may happen during the cooling process, to combat this simply apply some onto your hand and rub through and this will melt as normal.

My beard doesn't seem to grow and sometimes it can be patchy and become itchy, will these help?

Definitely, this can be caused for many reasons but most likely because your body isn't getting the care it needs. Try to keep a regular facial hair routine, using our products and you should see a great difference.